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 Food Architect Bio mineral Wellness Retreat

Three and a half years ago I embarked on a journey for inner peace.  This journey of self awareness and understanding was fostered by a change in diet and a deep dive into a personal yoga practice that led me to my yoga training at a magical place called Bromley. My time at this estate located in Walkerswood, St Anna Parish, Jamaica was life changing. The peace and tranquility of the property coupled with the power embedded in real, fresh food, helped clear my mind and focused my energy on the direction I wanted for my future. It showed me a peace and stillness I revert back too often. This April I will have the opportunity to offer to others what Jamaica offered to me. April 12th - April 18th I will be hosting a Clean eating retreat focused on the detoxification of the mind, body, and spirit at The Wharf House in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The Wharf House is a beautiful and historic 18th century property located on the shores of the Montego Bay Lagoon, a large saltwater inlet of the Caribbean Sea which is part of the Montego Bay Marine Park. The property is made up of a main house and Hillside cottage. The Wharf House is a private home, not a hotel. This small and intimate villa, offers four bedrooms furnished with family-owned antiques and lovely artwork from the Caribbean. Each of the rooms is unique, but all of them reflect a passion for “beautiful things”…be they furniture, paintings, art & craft items, or merely the views you have from your bedroom windows. The Wharf House has its own small private pebble beach (accessible only to Wharf House guests), a swimming pool shaded by massive cotton trees, a large seaside dock, and expansive tropical gardens dotted with a wide variety of fruit trees - mangoes, coconuts, ackees, breadfruit, avocados, lemons and pomegranates. The property is home to a wide variety of wild life. The lagoon teems with fish and other sea creatures, and the gardens are filled with birds & bees & butterflies & lizards.

Each day will start off with yoga and meditation, followed by irish moss infused juices, my 17 herb Puja mix, adventurous excursions, fruits, and of course flavorful bio mineral inspired gourmet dishes prepared by me.  4 out of the 7 days we will embark on adventurous excursions to some of Jamaica's most beautiful beaches, properties, and markets where you can take a nice dip in the ocean or spend time in a relaxing waterfalls. One day will be a day of reflection and silence. We will also engage in group discussions. The discussions will range from the acceptance/elimination of lifes tramas and emotional intelligence, to how to create a positive path forward for growth. This 6 night 7 day all inclusive retreat is priced a $1300.00- $2000.00 per person depending room choice. Accommodations in the Main House are $2000.00, with the Hill Side cottage being $1300.00. Airport pick up and drop off will be arranged for all attendees that fly into Montego Bay. 25% deposit is needed by January 12, with the balance due by March 12th. This will not be a college party atmosphere. There will not be any alcohol offered at this retreat.  This healing space we are holding is for growth and serenity, and the ability to experience the love and healing nature of Jamaica.