"Changing the world one bite at a time."



About Me

"A change in diet helped detox my body and mind, thus adding to my new-found clarity. "


I am a classically trained Chef who specializes in Electric Vegan Soy-free food. I am committed to the enhancement of my community through food and herb education, the proper preparation of fresh flavorful dishes, Yoga (physical fitness), and most importantly public service. Upon graduation from culinary school in 2011, I started my quest to establish myself in the food industry. As a chef I started to look deeper into the food I was prepping and preparing due to prior health issues. At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and in 2005 was diagnosed with MRSA.

My longing for a connection between my mental, physical, and spiritual bodies was one I could not shake. My curiosity took me deeper into study where I found my mind focused on Kmt (Egypt). It was here my religion died and my spirituality took over and I found Yogic philosophy and discipline. I had done yoga before, but only for purely physical reasons. What my personal practice gave me mentally and spiritually is something the gym had never provided. It afforded me the ability to identify, face, accept, and start the process of destroying my ego, the only devil I’d ever known. To solidify my foundation in the physical practice I achieved my International Yoga Teacher certification in January of 2016.


A change in diet helped detox my body and mind, thus adding to my new-found clarity. The deep connection that was created from feeding my body with plants and electric foods instead of blood-filled decaying flesh caused a spiritual enlightenment and mental clarity that I have heard many vegans experience. My dietary changes started the decalcification of important glands like the pineal gland. While traditionally we have been taught how to abuse food, I started to use it like many ancient cultures before me, to help support mental and physical enlightenment. I felt a new connection to the Divine and with Mother Nature I had never experienced. For the first time I felt free. Mentally free. Physically free. I felt fearless and in control.

These events spawned the creation of the Food Architect products. From seasoning food with an alkaline pink Himalayan salt based seasoning, to a nutrient dense, high iron daily detox mix, to male and female herbal hormonal supplement support, I developed good, clean, natural products to support positive changes. The physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic changes I have experienced the last 10 years while developing these products is undeniable. Now no matter where you are, I can help create the physical environment for you to do the same.